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“Human resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

Steve Wynn

Business Abroad

Doing business in The Netherlands

You are the CEO or managing director of a technological innovatively driven SME and you have decided to open an office in The Netherlands.
You want to set up a team and are looking for a Dutch HR & legal specialist to support you in your enterprise.


Congratulations and welcome to Holland!

You have no clue ‘how it’s done by the Dutchies’, and to be honest, you’ll like to keep it that way ;-)


So now what?

You’re not going to figure all this HR stuff out on yourself.


As you...

  • don’t have the time,
  • have no clue where to start, and
  • to be honest: you don’t want to be bothered by all the details

What you do want is someone you can delegate the whole process to.


A HR partner in crime…

  • An expert who knows the Dutch labour law & regulations.
  • Someone with the right expertise, knowledge, network and credentials.
  • Someone who gets the job done.

Hi, we are HRMinded a HR Consultancy company based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

We support technological driven SME’s to set up an office in the Netherlands, by managing the entire HR process. With 20+ year experience in Dutch and international HR we know how to get our clients results. Our business model is based on our vision: Invest, Build & get Results.



We believe that companies can grow sustainably when you invest in the quality and qualities of your employees. Doing business abroad is ultimately about achieving your organizational and revenue targets and the continuous development of your employees. As downtime is not an option, you are constantly innovating your organization. The result? A sustainable business.


What can we do for you?

Working with HRMinded means working with a HR partner, you can delegate the entire HR process of setting up an office in The Netherlands to me and my team. We also support the recruitment process, so your company hires the best people who are the right fit with your company’s culture. You’ll get access to my network of legal, personal development, health & safety and local government.

Our HR services


As HR Business Partner we advise and support you on various
HR topics that occur in your organization’s implementation process:

  • HR strategy, structure and processes
  • Terms of Employment
  • Dutch Work Council law
  • Employee benefits (e.g. tax benefits for expats)
  • Personal development and talent management
  • Managing and supporting the recruitment process



  • Dutch Labour Law
  • Collective Labor Agreement
  • Individual dismissal & termination processes


  • Working conditions legislation
  • Health & Safety policy
  • Sick leave policy
  • Reintegration guidance process
  • Individual reintegration process



  • A sustainable HR base to build on top off
  • HR policies that comply with Dutch labour law and regulations
  • You’ve hired the right people for your Dutch location


I got to know Evita as a positive and a pleasant HR professional. Trustworthy and honest. She has fulfilled her temporary assignment with us with verve. Translation of HR vision into a complete personnel manual and revision of job classification/profiles delivered. Due to the process of consultation and coordination Evita initiated, the HR vision was fully supported within the organization resulting in simple decision-making in our MT. In addition, Evita has also flexibly addressed a few operational and tactical HR questions. She has proved to be a solid senior sparring partner for both me as managing director and our HR/Office manager. I would hire her again for assignments and would recommend her wholeheartedly to others.

Joris den Bruinen
Director The Hague Security Delta

“Evita is a hardworking, intelligent senior HR professional. When Evita starts a project, she’s always on top of it and makes sure that the project has an excellent implementation and result. Besides that, she is a very nice colleague to work with, very enthusiastic and passionate about her work. I can highly recommend Evita to everyone.

Marc Stuut
Global Head of Talent Acquisition for Unit4,

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